Heads Down

Since getting back from Cloud Cuckoo Land we have all been trying to get back into the London swing of things and returning to our day jobs. But we always have the refuge of the Cloud Cuckoo Land footage to bury our heads in and we have been doing alot of that! We have released all of the individual interviews on our yourtube (link), so if you want to hear what everyone said in full head on over there.

Oli has been working on the information pack to send to people to try and persuade them to part with their cash for us, Maxi is working on making i look pretty and we are all working on the editing. We will make the info pack available for anyone to download, so that you can all see what we are wanting to do and perhaps help us send it to people who might want to support us, We came back with 20 hours of tape so the editing is proving to be a long task!! We are working on a promo for Cloud Cuckoo Land and this should be with you all soon, and then we will crack on with the pilot. I think that's all the news for now. We will be back soon with more!!


It doesn't help matters that during the good weather we were easily distracted.