AcSun Welcome Message

Hello lovely person!

We’re Sound Advice and once a month we run Acoustic Sundays, a fluffy community music all-dayer that is, if anything, *too* friendly, welcoming and talented. A chilled day of super-excellent hot and cold running music, our mission is to bring you, the charming and delightful public wonderful sounds you might not previously have heard without having to pay through the nose and remortgage your kidneys for the privilege. If you have socks then they you should prepare to have them blown off (gently). Come say hello!


Acoustic Sundays are SAUK's monthly music event. These relaxed and friendly Sundays showcase six different original and high quality music acts, attract the whole community and include music from all cultures. Every act who plays at an Acoustic Sunday gets a free promotional video, made by our Young Media Creatives. Watch some of the videos!

Acoustic Sundays are held at St Peters Church, De Beauvoir, check the home page for when the next event is. We serve food and drinks, and make everything as low priced as possible while still covering our overheads. This hopefully means more people can come and join in the fun! We also invite community groups to hold workshops and stalls, as well as local music groups to perform. At every event we aim to have at least one young person play, giving them real life gigging experience! It's  time for more opportunities for emerging artists, more work opportunities for aspiring media professionals and more culturally diverse and community based music!

If you want to get involved with Acoustic Sundays or just say hi please contact us. We hope to see you at the next one.

'If the whole world was doing this kind of thing, it would be such a happy happy place' - Derek Rose (Jamaican born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist)