One our favourite places in all the world is a small festival in Kent. It is our respite from busy London life and never fails to unveil some amazing band we then go home and obsess over. Well...2 of these bands now need our and your help.

They are both in the process of making albums but as is often the case they are a bit short of cash. Making an album is a pricey business even though both these bands are begging and borrowing wherever they can to keep the costs down. On a daily basis musicians rehearse, gig and write for free, infact the John Langan band have played for us. So we are encouraging you all to put your hands in your pockets as we have done and buy their albums now rather than when they come out. Lets be honest, unless you have no ear drums you would be buying their albums at some point anyway, so why not do it early and help it be made. You will also get that warm tingly feeling that comes with helping someone out.

The artists in question:

Billy Rowan aka. The Undercover Hippy is a talented song writer whose tunes not only sound darn good but often also come with a powerful message. After listening to one of his tunes you can't really help but want to change the world, they are also excellent to sing along to at the top of your voice and perhaps prance around your sitting room a little as well!


The John Langan Band...well...what can be said other than if you haven't yet seen these guys live, you are most definitely missing out. Foot stamping, yelling and singing in a scottish accent (you really can't help it!) will definitely be