TTS and Buskers Sunday Update!

Track the Sun

Remember the idea to circle the world with an unbroken loop of music played on Peace One Day by musicians around the world? It was conceived in an alcoholic haze in the wee hours of January 1st 2011 and it was unique, exciting, audacious and ….also a lot harder to do than we imagined...


We started to develop the project in March. Since then we have lost volunteers, had problems finding music charities, struggled with the technology and with time and yet we are full optimism! Is this a testament to our strength and tenacity, or plain stupid? Well when we set our targets we hadn’t the faintest idea what lay ahead. Things had to go wrong and we are a lot wiser now. Our plan is to run a trial as soon as we can, using musicians we know and a Skype connection to test the concept. We can film the screen and make a promo that will promote the concept and help us expand in 2012.

Nichola and Dominic are the key people involved and they would like help from anyone with energy and enthusias. Please apply now!

Buskers Sunday

Imagine Gilett Square in Dalston invaded by a huge crowd of enthusiastic local people, old and young, families and faces from across the world, coming together to listen to a weekend of buskers playing in the square and running workshops. Across the square tumblers back-flip, jugglers juggle, pois twirl and face-painters paint faces in what resembles a medaeval London scene in the days when this was the capital of street performance.

July at Downstairs @ The Vortex.

We will have achieved a great deal nonetheless, by bringing this event to the Dalston community and it can only get bigger and better in future!

We will make a short film of the highlights and use this to fundraise for a bigger Buskers Festival in 2012 that will take over the whole square for the weekend. Our aim is to make Dalston famous for its annual Buskers Festival!