Launch Party at Proud Galleries

“What is small, round and musical and involves everyone, everything and every minute?” …..a riddle Bilbo might have asked Gollum in “The Hobbit”, to which the correct answer is “making an album”...

 SAUK wanted to do something to capture the best of the music that has been played at Acoustic Sundays or recorded live by us. The idea of forming a label that supported musicians and took no money from them, began with meetings, followed by a democratic vote on which of the bands to approach and the creation of the Label Team.  Then we organised free recordings for some of the bands at Soundlab Studios, courtesy of Billy who SAUK filmed when he played with Dances with Henry. Now he owns the studios and the musicians were so impressed by the recording quality that several are going back to him as clients.

At the same time, artists produced samples for the CD pack design, duplicators produced quotes and the team visited venues.  Soon after this 1000 CD duplicates arrived in their glitzy and cool digipacks. Copies went out to the press, Proud Gallery in Camden came through as the venue, flyers were designed and printed and the office was taken over by orange and black balloons, streamers, people filling goody bags, making signs and crazyness.

If music, effort, imagination and creativity count, everyone at Proud Galleries on Thursday 28th July.2011 will witness the official launch of the debut album on the SAUK Label and have a truly amazing time!  We'll let you know and of course, there will be a film to make all those people who didn't make it wish they had!

Album Launch