Album Launch Party

“Wow” is the word that comes to mind when describing the SoundAdvice Label Launch at Proud on Thursday 28th July.  Eight amazing bands played to a crazily tight schedule that we actually kept to, about 400 people came through the door and 10 journalists texted to say they were there and loving it...

By the time the Eric Ness Band ended the night, the audience were leaping in the air and calling for “more”, which they got because by a miracle, we were only running 7 minutes late. With 8 hands, that is a serious achievement.

We started heaving our equipment into a van at 3am on Friday morning, Proud management had apologized for early problems and told us it had been a great success for them and they welcomed us back. Because of ticketing and entry issues we earned half what we hoped, but everyone had a great time and loved the music, so maybe we should feel good that it was great and move on.

What next for the Label Team, is the question in the air now.  They say they will be helping their signed bands in every way they can, working towards the next album in a year from now and helping on another project.

Album Launch