Buskers Sunday

The sun shone down on our first Buskers music event at Downstairs at The Vortex and Gilett Square on 24th July and in parish magazine speak, a good time was had by all...

Everyone we interviewed agreed that buskers get a raw deal in London, which is sad given our history (a medieval London were troubadours were megastars).  Now you can be turned away by Customs and Immigration if you try to enter the UK with an instrument.

Adding to the street-performance atmosphere were face-painters who were turning out works of art and the impressive poi expert, Helena, from Brighton. A small boy summed up the spirit of the event when he went up to African drummer Alex Dayo as he performed and waited patiently for Alex to let him join in, which he did.  As the boy walked away with a big grin on his face, someone behind me said:  “That has made his day…..and maybe started his career as a drummer….who knows”.

The Ideas Tap donated £1000 towards the event and enabled us to pay musicians and other performers, face-painters and people editing the free promos and compilation video about the event which will go up soon. The mission for next year is to make it a two day festival, with more street performers and buskers, a higher profile and more people.