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We’re Sound Advice and once a month we run Acoustic Sundays, a fluffy community music all-dayer that is, if anything, *too* friendly, welcoming and talented. A chilled day of super-excellent hot and cold running music, our mission is to bring you, the charming and delightful public wonderful sounds you might not previously have heard without having to pay through the nose and remortgage your kidneys for the privilege. If you have socks then they you should prepare to have them blown off (gently). Come say hello!

March, 2015

A new week has just started and we still need to get over the first Acoustic Sunday of the year with an amazing line up of musicians. The first to play was Jon Hess, a gifted voice who is working on his debut album…don’t miss it! Our ears are still vibrating with The US artist Robert Chaney’s haunting lyrics, seriously, be prepared!

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Autumn's Calling

October turned out to be a jam packed month for Acoustic Sunday. Autumn arrived this weekend and we moved back down into the crypt. There was a chill in the air but the sun was still doing its thing and keeping us all in good spirits. A massive thank you to everyone who came to October's event; musicians, newbies, friends, regulars, volunteers, Ed ('the sound man') and Rick ('the fish finger man).

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July Acoustic Sunday

Well...crikey, that was pretty fantastic. For the first time we started with some short films, all of which were great! It was really lovely to have Rick there who was one of two directors of 'When you want me' – we won't ruin the ending but it!

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April: Spring has Sprung!

Well...Sunday saw Spring Sprung splendidly! What a day...phew. This is being updated on Tuesday because we needed Monday to rejuvenate.

As always we would like to say a massive thanks to all of the acts. We kicked off the day with the Mary Ward Centre's experimental music course students. They had a while to set up and to be honest it looked like we were having a car boot sale! But from the random objects on the table (including a pink elephant watering can) came an array of sounds surprisingly pleasant on the ears. They played with the accompaniment of a video. It was something new for us but we absolutely loved it. A great way to start the day and we hope to see more from the students of the Mary Ward Centre.

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December: Well…that was a cracker!

Well…that was a cracker! (pun intended) The December Acoustic Sunday was definitely one of our best yet and what a way to end 2013. We immediately knew it would be a good'un when Nikki and Sam turned up in festive attire and Jess arrived with bagfuls of paper lanterns and bunting, turning the crypt into a festive wonderland. The menu had changed this month with burgers out and pancakes in! A tasty delight of butternut squash, mushroom, cheese, bacon, nutella and of course lemon and sugar. Jess and Sarah got straight on

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