Hello lovely person!

We’re Sound Advice and once a month we run Acoustic Sundays, a fluffy community music all-dayer that is, if anything, *too* friendly, welcoming and talented. A chilled day of super-excellent hot and cold running music, our mission is to bring you, the charming and delightful public wonderful sounds you might not previously have heard without having to pay through the nose and remortgage your kidneys for the privilege. If you have socks then they you should prepare to have them blown off (gently). Come say hello!

May, 2015

May’s Acoustic Sunday started pretty dramatically. Rick’s van broke down in the middle of Green Lanes with all the delicious food, equipment & boozed for Acoustic Sunday! After a few panicked phone calls and a visit from Mr Green Flag, the van was given wings (maybe Rick drank a Redbull!) and arrived in a flash!

"Great!" thought us - nothing else can go wrong now, "let's get this show on the road!" But alas! Within minutes of the fryers being offloaded from the broken van, the fire alarm went off (no fire, don’t worry)… The alarm whirred and the shutters flew down; shutting us off from the kitchen! Another few calls were made and we finally stopped the racket and were able to open the shutters (just in the nick of time -  Ed (aka Mr Soundguy) had the toolkit out ready to remove the shutters entirely)!

Overcoming all of the hurdles, with help from our little angels (our team of volunteers) we were running only a couple of minutes later than planned and started the afternoon of music with a couple of fabulous open mic-ers! Following them was the everso lovely Amy Brill. Mr Matt Midgley then filled the room with his unique folk, Scottish style! Up next was Michael Hyland with ear-warming melodies and soulful tones. Anna Pancaldi then took to the stage with her awe-inspiring voice which made us feel on cloud nine. Rounding off the day were the fantastic Rad Orchestra with their multiple instruments and up-beat tunes.

The day would not have been what it was without our incredible host Tim Ballantine who guided us through as the somewhat eventful Mayday Affair! Plus of course all the musicians (who even thanked the audience for being lovely!), the yummy Fish Fingers from Rick (of 2 Fingers) our fabulous sound guy Ed (of Recap Audio) and our team of energetic and hardworking volunteers.