About Us

SoundAdviceUK is a new music concept created and run by media, design and creative professionals, musicians, interns and people of all ages.  We are run non-hierarchically and with a mutual respect for everyone involved. Our aim is to create an inspirational and ethical organisation that supports music of every genre, offers training and work opportunities and becomes a role model for a more socially balanced and creative way to work and live.

We are very professional but very relaxed, encourage participation and offer support and advice to help promote musicians and music. We film and interview unsigned musicians and people in the music industry, gather stories and information for the website and help others do the same. We also offer our creative services at very reasonable costs, trying to make media more affordable. We work on a range of projects, of varying sizes and types, check out the projects section to see more about them in detail. 

We film with professionalism and concern for everyone and all participants sign permission forms and approve programmes before they are used.

We work closely with sister project Youth on Youth, which provides media training and support for young people and organisations, who want to use video as a medium for creative empowerment and communication.

We want SoundAdviceUK to be as ethical, “green” and non-corporate as we can make it. We will not knowingly accept donations, advertising, or content from sources that are questionable.

We will do our utmost to eliminate sexist, racist, ageist, aggressive and otherwise inappropriate content. We accept that we will make mistakes and ask everyone to let us know if they see anything they object to.